3D Badminton iPhone/Android

Highest ranks in iTunes:

  • Top1 in 9 countries Sports.
  • Top1 in 9 countries Arcade.
  • Top1 in 7 countries Games.
  • Top1 in 6 countries Overall.

This games worth trying! It’s really very easy and funny!

This is a Free game!

support iPhone / iPod touch / iPad (HD)

Full 3D rendering of badminton, and uses the first person perspective, will bring you a more authentic and fun gaming experience.

All you need:
Gently with your finger flick the screen, hit the badminton!
Racket is your finger, your fingers is the racket!


  • Finger upward flick is: Drop spike
  • Finger downward flick is: Smashing

So easy and fun! Are you ready to experience it!