3D Badminton II iPhone & Android

Multiplayer Game

  1. Local mode : must have 2 player in same wifi, request internet. Set ID to host ID, click ‘Ready Play’ to join host, the act as host player do not do anything, just waiting. Host player double click the ID, it will be return to your ID(when show ‘This my ID’, that yours ID).
  2. Online mode: if host back in the firewall, you maybe can’t connect. Or you be host, the ‘waiting…’ mean is you are host . but if you also back in the firewall too, maybe other player cant connect to you.

Tips & Tricks

  • Operation : Finger click badminton is: hit the badminton out.
  • Operation : Finger upward paddling is: Drop spike.
  • Operation : Finger downward paddling is: Smashing.
  • Operation : Finger paddling faster, the badminton hit the faster.
  • Operation : Finger paddling distance farther, the badminton hit the higher.
  • Badminton: Only light-emitting badminton to hit, if too far out of reach.
  • Character : The ability to vary, want to smash the fun, you need to unlock, upgrade the high-physical players
  • Character : Physical decline will affect the strength and speed, hitting the intensity of the more light, physically consuming the smaller.
  • Upgrade : To earn money through ‘Single Player’ game, used to unlock or upgrade the character.
  • Upgrade : ‘Single Player’ challenge a computer opponent is stronger, the more bonuses.
  • Rank : Get global rankings through online gaming in game center.

Highest ranks in iTunes

  • Top1 in 12 countries Sports.
  • Top1 in 10 countries Arcade.
  • Top1 in 7 countries Games.
  • Top1 in 6 countries Overall.

This games worth trying! It’s really very easy and funny!
Support (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Android)
Full 3D rendering of badminton, and uses the first person perspective, will bring you a more authentic and fun gaming experience.All you need:
Gently with your finger flick the screen, hit the badminton!
Racket is your finger, your fingers is the racket!
So easy and fun! Are you ready to experience it!